About us

About Us

Vision Statement

To be the most valuable Open Source Research Company in the world! With a strong reputation for reliability, integrity and quality of service.

"Innovation is in the thinking"

Our Objectives

The main objective of the OSKA consultancy will be to provide “Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)” capabilities to large or small commercial establishments in order to support clients to:-

Reduce the cost of obtaining targeted information.

Reduce the time in finding a targeted solution.

Reduce exposure to risk and improve risk management.

Provide support to planning and project management.

Provide multiple capabilities in the area of Business Change.

ESG Policy

Sustainable ethical data acquistion and digital transformation is a core part of our DNA. We are developing our policy to:

  • Maintain our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Continue to support our partners with transport sustainability projects (EV)
  • Support health and well-being through innovative technology
  • Reduce our carbon foot print
  • Develop and nurture emerging talent
  • Continue to Support local communities with volunteering (when required)
  • Partner with organisations that share our values

OSKA Research - formed in 2015 by Barry Sobers MSc, BA (Hons) and has been SC vetted "LinkedIn", who has 30 years of Policing experience in the areas of investigation, risk management and problem solving. He has operational experience of using Big Data for investigations and tracking vulnerable persons.

In addition he has 5 years of strategic experience working in a large government department (Home Office) on a 10 Billion Pound Big Data/Analysis and Digital transformation Programme.

Oska Research can provide valuable experience for your business in order to support business change in the digital and big data sectors.