Oskaresearch Services

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Research Specialist OSINT

  • Open Source Intelligence, Qualitative Research and Investigation conducted by trained individuals, using recognised research methods 
  • Securing usable open source internet information for governance on social media, data bases, government statistical platforms 
  • Specialist interviewing capabilities for qualitative research initiatives

Technology Management

  • Business change/analysis 
  • Implementation, including stakeholder engagement 
  • Technology/information management consulting in the areas of data security, data analysis and data exploitation
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installation

Project/Programme Management

  • 10 years of project and programme management relating to large complex data system implementation 
  • Business change and data protection legislation including (DPA), (GDPR).

Law Enforcement Specialist

  • Over 30 years of operational policing including serious crime investigation, risk analysis and information governance 
  • Investigation of crime using Information Data
  • Evidence based practice and procedure specialists

OSKA Research are a support service to help customers enhance performance, make important decisions efficiently, effectively and discreetly with minimum disruption. We work with the Public sector, being Police, Government and Councils. Private sector, being Insurance Institutions, Legal and Financial Companies, Security Companies and Research Organisations. We will also provide a service to other parties interested in obtaining open source information and intelligence.

Helping clients to solve problems using the minimum time and resources.

Giving our Partners Much More for Less!

Examples of projects supported by Oskaresearch consultancy ltd: -

Leicester University "Corrosive Crimes Research project"