The new world of Technology Equality

The new world of Technology Equality


A new world of “Technology Equality”


We are now well into 2021 and all the talk is around a new world order of tech enhancement, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Data is becoming the new oil or precious commodity that corporates crave and lust after.

UK Policing, has finally acknowledged the need to use data science innovation and automation in order to support their public service functions (future policing), but it is not clear what the current level of data automation already exists or what the overall plan is to use data automation? There is no doubt that data innovation will be extremely useful for the law enforcement sector especially in the area of fast time automated analysis, such as intelligence and human information sharing. This will also allow for more efficient law enforcement investigation and enforcement.

Although this is a step in the right direction for law and order and will support the investigation of crime and maintaining peace in our communities, we must not loose site of the risks associated with technology being used in minority communities and hard to reach cultures. Here is a significant issue that should be acknowledged, debated and sound policies devised to ensure bias can be appropriately removed from algorithms and artificial intelligent programs. A feasible suggestion for making this happen would be to encourage more diverse communities to be involved in the creation and production of data automation in the law enforcement sector, a recent study by Oska Research (see fig 1 below) suggests BAME communities within the UK show a high proportion of involvement in the tech sector but a low involvement in policing, perhaps combining the two may have beneficial results in both the confidence in minority communities towards policing and the use of tech to improve public safety, therefore reduce the possibilities of technology bias.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Figure 1

BAME Industry and management 2018 2020.JPG

Such positive action noted above may prevent history from repeating itself with regards the UK policing of minority communities, which often resulted in serious miscarriage of justice and the unfair treatment of the BAME stakeholders. Not only does the new diversity of data begin with robust policies, but may enhance the future of Technology Equality.

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Friday, 12 February 2021