Projects supported by Oskaresearch Consultancy Ltd

Examples of projects supported by Oskaresearch Consultancy Ltd: -

1. Leicester University "Corrosive Crimes Research project"

2. A client was about to purchase an item from the internet. We were tasked with conducting an OSINT investigation, subsequently we discovered the advertisement was suspicious and informed our client who then refused to purchase the item. Our client saved £8500!!

3. Person profile for investment fund in Spain (UK business man) 

4. Investigation into employee who was off sick but at the same time running their own business. The business was identified, and information acquired for client.

5. Feedback from Nick Drage - Path Dependence: "That was really useful - thank you for such a considered answer Barry"

6. Case Management Project: Analysis of 250 crime files in partnership with Leicester University and the Home Office.

Leicester University         Home Office