Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can and does provide benefits to large or small businesses/organisations who need to capture information for the purposes of improving performance in the areas of customer service, research/knowledge and resource savings.


This information can be vital in order to increase the competence of customer service capabilities, allowing staff to gain increased knowledge in order to provide improved service to customers, such as capturing information from online forums, which are often untapped, raw product information produced by customers.


The research and knowledge acquired from a professional OSINT service can bring huge benefits with regards the prevention of losses through illegal claims, especially in the areas of insurance and the financial industry. This can be accomplished through specially trained investigators with experience of identifying, capturing and presenting useable evidence for any subsequent legal process.


Bespoke research and knowledge retrieval can deliver significant benefits in the areas of product performance and development in the form of data and text analysis. This research can often highlight future trends and therefore placing businesses and organisations in the right place to maintain a competitive edge in the particular sector they operate within.


Below show further benefits of OSINT: -


  • Cost effective: Collecting OSINT is generally less expensive compared with other intelligence sources. For instance, using human resources or spying satellites to collect data is costly.
  • Ease of accessibility: OSINT sources are always available, no matter where you are, and are always up-to-date.
  • Legal issues: Most OSINT resources can be shared between different parties without worrying about breaching any copyright license as these resources are already published publicly.